Tres claves para definir una Marina única

La tranquilidad que da la experiencia de más de 25 años de trabajo.
La seguridad de poder ofrecer un servicio a la altura de la mayor exigencia.
La ventaja de poder ofrecer lo importante contando con los medios más avanzados.

> 100.000 m2
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Representante exclusivo de las Marcas más importantes en el mundo de la náutica recreativa.
Marina Davila es, desde 1998, garantía de solvencia y un servicio 360º al mundo náutico.
Con el equipo de profesionales y experiencia acumulada más importante del noroeste de España.
Un ejemplo de excelencia y calidad avalado por las normas más exigentes.
Es en definitiva el líder del sector y un referente de compromiso.

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Megayachts Testimonials

Capt. M/Y Sea Huntress

Thank you to you and your staff for a very enjoyable stay in Vigo, this was not my first visit and I sincerely hope it will not be my last, your staff were attentive to the vessel and your personal recommendations of restaurants, and local sightseeing were greatly appreciated. Several of the crew followed your recommendations and went to Santiago de Campostela and enjoyed the local sights. Your personal and friendly marina is a credit to the area and I hope that we, and other yachts, will have the opportunity to extend our stays in future, and that the crew will regard the area as more than just a place to hide from the weather.
Best regards, and I hope to see you in the spring as we head south, Graeme».

Capt. G.O’Connor

The stop in Vigo, at Davila Marina as often recommended by WRI ‘as a safe place to shelter in rough weather’ is exactly that very safe and protected. But more than that, the staff at the marina with the very large commercial and yacht community there in Vigo are extremely helpful and fast at supplying any possible part or repair you may need. Unlike other parts of Spain, the ‘Tomorrow factor’ is not the normal here, the entire port is geared to quickly assist ships / yachts and get them back on schedule. The local history and world famous seafood is a bonus – and a nice benefit, however stopping there and getting 1st class assistance and at much better rates than most of the stops yachts go to is a big reason to use this facility!

Capt. D M Schooner Xarifa 1927

For almost 5 years now the Schooner Xarifa has made Marina Davila her home port, we are delighted with their facilities, the staff in charge of them and all the facilities they provide us with to make the Xarifa and her crew safe and comfortable; The location is magnificent in the heart of the Ría de Vigo and the area has around, not only a great geographical beauty, but meets the high technical standard that a Superyacht demands in Shipyards, suppliers and auxiliary companies. We hope to continue counting on Marina Davila and her fantastic team for many more years to come,…

Capt. Egon Viljoen M/Y Legend.

We are currently en route north to U.K and we had to stop due to the bad weather in Biscay. We ventured up River in Vigo and we found Marina Davila. This place is awesome; they are passionate about quality and service. It has been an absolute refreshing pleasure to be here. There is an outstanding restaurant on site, the airport is close, the beaches are beautiful and at the marina copious amounts of fish swim freely around the boat showing how clean the water is